The Red List of Trains in Japan

Recent Status Updates

 LC  = Least Concern
 NT  = Near Threatened
 VL  = Vulnerable
 EN  = Endangered
 CR  = Critically Endangered
 EX  = Extinct

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Current Status of articles enumerated below have been changed recently. They are listed in accordance with numerical order (JR Group) and alphabetical order (Private Railways). Other articles, which are not on the list, are also regularly updated even if their status is unchanged.

12 Jan 2024

JR Central KiHa 85 series:  CR  EX 
285 series Sunrise Express:  LC  NT 
JR West 681 series:  VL  EN 
700 series Bullet Train:  VL  EN 
Odakyu 8000 series:  NT  VL 
Odakyu 50000 series VSE:  CR  EX 
Seaside Line 1000 series:  EX  (NEW)
Seaside Line 2000 series:  LC  (NEW)

2 Dec 2023

JR West KiHa 126 series:  LC  (NEW)
JR Kyushu KiHa 200 series:  LC  (NEW)
JNR 381 series:  EN  CR 
800 series bullet train:  NT  (NEW)
Jomo 100 series: Preserved (NEW)
Jomo 700 series:  EN  (Data added)

14 Oct 2023

JNR 50 series:  CR  (NEW)
JR West 207 series:  LC  (NEW)
JR West 283 series:  NT  VL 
JR West 321 series:  LC  (NEW)
JR East GV-E400 series:  LC  (NEW)
JR East 651 series:  CR  EX 
N700 series bullet train:  LC  NT 
Class 8620:  CR  (NEW)
Tobu N100 series SPACIA X:  LC  (NEW)