The Red List of Trains in Japan


About This Website

This is a private website about trains in Japan (mostly in Greater Tokyo Area), categorising them like the Red List issued by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. See here for definition of categories. The status is based on official or quasi-official announcements (such as newspaper articles and trade union documents) where possible, but the evaluation can be subjective. The website covers most, if not all, rolling stock that is operational in the regions. There are also a few trains on the list which were withdrawn in the 2010s. Contents are being gradually uploaded and updated.

Japanese articles of this website are mainly about trainspotting in Greater London and surrounding areas.

The website is optimised for computers. Some small smartphones (e.g. iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE) and those with special features (e.g. Galaxy Fold) are not recommended.

About Photos

All photos on this website are my own work, and a blue translucent logo is inserted to all photos to prevent unauthorised reproduction. Regrettably, some people (not limited to Japanese people) have copied my photos and uploaded to their blogs without my consent, pretending as if they were their own works. Since the logo did not work well as deterrence, I have also added more watermarks on each photo in June 2022. I am fully aware that they make images far less attractive and not a few people feel it annoying, but I appreciate your patience and understanding.

About the Author

My name is KHKQ, a Japanese railway enthusiast from an early age. I have decided to make this website which includes information that is not necessarily available in English (even on Wikipedia), as I realised that not a few non-Japanese people are also interested in Japanese trains. Any comment or question written in English is appreciated on Mastodon, Bluesky or X (Twitter). Since I am not a native speaker, I kindly ask you to forgive about minor grammatical errors on sentences.