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JR Central KiHa 75 series

The original style

Data (as of 29 Feb 2024)

Status:  Near Threatened 
Constructed in: 1993, 1999
Number built: 40
Registered: 40


The KiHa 75 series is a type of suburban diesel train for semi-fast services on Kansai Main, Kisei Main and Sangu Lines, replacing KiHa 58 series. The KiHa 75 series is based on 311 series particularly the exterior design and accommodation (transverse seating). Engines and transmissions are similar to those of KiHa 85 series.

The KiHa 75 series trains were introduced to Rapid Mie (Nagoya - Toba via Suzuka), Express Kasuga (Nagoya - Nara via Kansai Main Line) and stopping services on Taketoyo Line. When Taketoyo Line was electrified in 2015, the series were converted to be compatble with driver-only operation and reallocated to Taita and Takayama Main Line.

Current Operations & Future Prospects

The KiHa 75 series trains are now used for Rapid Mie and stopping services on Sangu, Taita and Takayama Lines. Newspaper reports suggest that the series will retire in late-2020s.


Those introduced in 1999 have headlights above the centre gangway as well.

(Updated: 29 Feb 2024)

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