The Red List of Trains in Japan

JR Central 371 series
Fujikyu 8500 series

Data (as of 27 Nov 2021)

Status:  Extinct  (JR Central)
 Least Concern  (Fujikyu)
Constructed in: 1991
Number built: 7
Registered: 3


The 371 series was a type of limited express for through-services to Odakyu lines. JR Central introduced a seven-carriage unit to Limited Express Asagiri (Shinjuku - Numazu via Odakyu and Gotemba lines). Accommodation was based on that of Odakyu 20000 series RSE, but the exterior design resembled 100 series, the then-latest bullet train. The third and fourth coaches were double-decker.

The 371 series was mainly used on Asagiri services, but not limited to them. JR Central used it for Home Liner (Shizuoka to Numazu) in the morning and evening. The series was taken out of all regular services in 2012 and deregistered in 2015, but Fujikyu Railway purchased three carriages, repainted red and named it 8500 series.

Current Operations & Future Prospects

The Fujikyu 8500 series is used for Fujisan View Express (Otsuki - Kawaguchiko) along with 8000 series Fujisan Express.

(Updated: 27 Nov 2021)

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