The Red List of Trains in Japan

JR West 321 series

Data (as of 31 Mar 2024)

Status:  Least Concern 
Constructed in: 2005-07
Number built: 273
Registered: 273


The 321 series is a type of commuter train for Kansai region. It was developed to replace 103 series, 201 series and 205 series. Furthermore, JR West had to have more trains than before as it was accused of extremely tight train schedules that lead to the deadliest accident since the privatisation of Japanese National Railways.

All units are formed of seven coaches, but they can be divided and shortened when they are allocated to branch lines in the future. Like 207 series at that time, the 321 series was supposed to have pale blue stripes, but JR West suddenly changed the design with dark blue and orange ones. There has been a rumour that the company wished to avoid reminding passengers of the 2005 rail disaster, but there is no evidence so far.

Current Operations & Future Prospects

The 321 series trains are used on Biwako, Kyoto and Kobe Lines (Tokaido and San-yo Main Lines), Takarazuka Line (Fukuchiyama Line), Gakkentoshi and Tozai Lines. In addition, there are limited services to and from Nara. They are the same as 207 series, but there is one difference: the 321 series cannot enter Wadamisaki Line because of short platforms.

(Updated: 31 Mar 2024)

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