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JR East 719 series

The original livery

Data (as of 6 Jul 2024)

Status:  Vulnerable 
Constructed in: 1988-91
Number built: 108
Registered: 24


The 719 series is a suburban train type for Tohoku region. It looks like 211 series, but traction and other equipment are completely different, as the 719 series is for lines electrified at AC 20 kV (50 Hz). It has three sets of doors per carriage to deal with congestion at peak times, each unit is formed of two coaches, and up to four units can be used in one train (eight coaches in total).

42 units were introduced to Sendai area, such as Ban-etsu West, Joban, Senzan and Tohoku Main Lines. Three of them were reallocated to Akita in 2017 as stopgaps, and a unit was converted to a sightseeing train with café called Fruitea. In addition, 12 units were introduced to Yamagata area, where wider gauge of tracks are in use (Yamagata Shinkansen).

Withdrawal of the 719 series took place in 2016-20, replaced with E721 series. According to JR East, bodies of the series were sturdy, but they were not accessible for disabled people and traction was so old that the company decided to withdraw them. Fruitea retired in 2023.

Current Operations & Future Prospects

12 units are used for Yamagata Line along with Yamagata Shinkansen trains. All stopping services between Fukushima and Yamagata are served by the 719 series. Since maintenance workers are struggling to repair them, the remaining units are likely to be withdrawn by the mid-2020s.


Some units on Ban-etsu West Line had black and red bands.

Fruitea joined to other 719 series units before they were withdrawn.

(Updated: 6 Jul 2024)

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