The Red List of Trains in Japan

JR East E351 series

Data (as of 17 Jun 2022)

Status:  Extinct 
Constructed in: 1993-96
Number built: 60
Retired in: 2018


The E351 series was the first tilting train that JR East developed. It was a limited express train type introduced to Chuo Main Line, as it has so many steep gradients and tight curves. The company considered that 183 series trains were not fast enough to win the race against buses. However, tilting mechanisms often went faulty so that the series was not successful. Therefore, JR East only ordered five four and eight-carriage units in total.

The E351 series trains were mostly used for Limited Express Super Azusa (Shinjuku - Matsumoto). When a few services ran towards Minami-Otari on Oito Line, trains were split at Matsumoto station. All trains had been formed of 12 coaches after the services on Oito Line were discontinued in 2010. The E351 series were also used for other trains for commuters, such as Ohayo Liner Shinjuku and Home Liner Odawara (Shinjuku - Odawara) and Chuo Liner (Tokyo - Hachioji).

All units were replaced with E353 series in 2017-18. The company initially planned to use them on seasonal trains, but it was so expensive to maintain them because of the tilting feature that the company disposed them of.

It is also worth noting that JR East has been naming its rolling stock with an alphabet E since the introduction of E351 series.

(Updated: 17 Jun 2022)

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