The Red List of Trains in Japan

JR East E235 series

Commuter-train unit for Yamanote Line.

Data (as of 31 Mar 2024)

Status:  Least Concern 
Constructed in: 2015
Number built: 1,069*
Registered: 1,069

*Including 48 carriages converted from E231 series.


The E235 series is the latest rolling stock of JR East. It is based on E233 series with more advanced computer systems and safer structures, making the trains more reliable, convenient and eco-friendly. 50 eleven-carriage units were introduced to Yamanote Line, but some intermediate carriages were converted from those of the E231 series. Since 2020, the company has been introducing the E235 series to Sobu Line (Rapid) and Yokosuka Line.

Like the E231 and E233 series, the E235 series can be classified to commuter-train group and suburban-train group. Unlike the predecessors, however, the suburban-train units have no transverse seating except Green Cars (first class).

When the images of the E235 series were revealed, many people reportedly described the front end of the train as an Apple product or a microwave.

Current Operations & Future Prospects

The commuter-rail units run Yamanote Line. More are due to enter service on Keihin-Tohoku, Negishi and Yokohama Lines from 2024, replacing the E233 series.

The suburban-rail units are used on Sobu (Rapid) Line and Yokosuka Line, with limited services on Kashima, Narita Sobu Main, Sotobo and Uchibo Lines. They do not join to E217 series trains, and work separately.


Suburban-train unit on Yokosuka Line.

A unit on Yamanote Line was temporarily painted black in 2022 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first railway in Japan.

(Updated: 31 Mar 2024)

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