The Red List of Trains in Japan

JR East 107 series

107 series on Ryōmō Line.

Data (as of 1 Jul 2021)

Status:  Extinct 
 (JR East)
 Least Concern 
 (Joshin Electric Railway)
Rebuilt in: 1988-91
Number built: 54
Registered: 10


The 107 series was the first new type for JR East, but air-conditioning, traction, bogies and braking systems were reused from 165 series of Japanese National Railways (built: 1963-70). Unlike the 165 series, each unit of the 107 series is formed of two coaches and has longitudinal seating, and thus fits for rural lines.

They were introduced to stopping services in Gunma and Tochigi Prefectures (mostly on Agatsuma, Jōestu, JR Nikko, Ryōmō and Shin-etsu Lines), and formed two, four or six coaches in regular services. All units were replaced with 205 series and 211 series by 2017.

Six units were resold to Joshin Electric Railway (Jōshin Dentesu), a small private railway company in Gunma Prefecture. It renamed those units 700 series, and uses on the entire line.

Current Operations & Future Prospects

Joshin uses five out of six units on the entire line. They are now compatible with driver-only operation, and formed of two coaches (not four). The other one has been stored at a siding near Takasaki station.


Units on JR Nikko Line were painted brown and beige.

(Updated: 17 Jul 2021)

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