The Red List of Trains in Japan

JR Central 373 series

Limited Express Fujikawa

Data (as of 6 Jul 2024)

Status:  Near Threatened 
Constructed in: 1995-96
Number built: 42
Registered: 42


The 373 series is a type of three-carriage limited express train. JR Central developed it for limited express on rural lines and middle/long-distance stopping services. Thus, though the 373 series is classified as limited express type, there are double doors with no enclosed vestibules. Even so, all seats are transverse with reclining features.

The 373 series trains entered service of Limited Express Fujikawa (Shizuoka - Kofu), Inaji (Toyohashi - Iida) and Tokai (Tokyo - Shizuoka), as well as a night train Moonlight Nagara (Tokyo - Ogaki). They are also used for some stopping services on Iida and Tokaido Main Lines. Tokai and Moonlight Nagara have already been discontinued, but all trainsets are still in use.

Current Operations & Future Prospects

The 373 series are used for Limited Express Fujikawa, Inaji, Home Liner services in Shizuoka Prefecture and stopping services on Iida and Tokaido Main Lines.

Fujikawa services are likely to be dramatically reduced or even discontinued within years as a new motorway which lies parallel to Minobu Line opened in 2021, and buses are going to provide far faster and cheaper services than trains. Some 373 series could still be reallocated to other services as they can run all electrified lines on JR Central network.

(Updated: 6 Jul 2024)

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