The Red List of Trains in Japan

JNR KiHa 66 series

Seaside Liner Livery

Data (as of 14 Sep 2021)

Status:  Extinct 
Constructed in: 1974-75
Number built: 30
Retired in: 2021


KiHa 66 series was a suburban DMU type in Kyushu. When Sanyo Shinkansen opened in 1975, Japanese National Railways decided to improve services to and from Hakata station, the western terminal of the bullet train. Unlike other trains, each KiHa 66 series unit was formed of two coaches like some electric trains in Japan. Their engines were more powerful than other diesel trains with air conditioning was installed, but these new features made the train heavier than others.

The KiHa 66 series were introduced to northern Fukuoka Prefecture including Express service (that is why they were initially painted into JNR Standard Livery for Express Diesel Trains). When Chikuho Main Line and Sasaguri Line were electrified in 2001, all carriages were transferred to Nagasaki area. They had served Ōmura Line including Rapid Seaside Liner (Nagasaki - Sasebo) for twenty years, and all units were replaced with YC1 hybrid-diesel multiple units by 2021.

JNR KiHa 40 series is based on the KiHa 66 series, with cheaper bogies and seating.


The original livery (JNR Standard Livery for Diesel Express).

Huis Ten Bosch livery.

(Updated: 18 Sep 2021)

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