The Red List of Trains in Japan

JNR 207 series

Data (as of 14 Sep 2021)

Status:  Extinct 
Constructed in: 1986
Number built: 10
Retired in: 2010


This article is about 207 series of Japanese National Railways, not JR West 207 series.

The JNR 207 series was a prototype commuter train, and the only JNR rolling stock for passenger use with inverter-controlled traction. A ten-carriage unit was introduced to Joban Line (Local) and through-service to Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line. The bodies and bogies were, as the photo above shows, based on 205 series. Since the 207 series was a prototype, several different products of traction were installed.

However, the second unit was never ordered as inverter-controlled traction was expensive at that time. In addition, the 207 series suffered from wheelslip when raining. As JR East was struggling to maintain the unit, the company withdrew it from service in 2009 as E233 series was introduced. The unit was deregistered and demolished in the following year.

(Updated: 18 Sep 2021)

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