The Red List of Trains in Japan


Data (as of 16 Jan 2022)

Status:  Extinct 
Constructed in: 1990-92
Number built: 21
Retired in: 2019


Class EF200 was developed for freight trains on Tokaido Main and San-yo Main Lines. At that time, Japanese economy was rapidly expanding and demands for freight trains were also increasing. JR Freight sought to boost capacity of services and replace Class EF65 and Class EF66.

The EF200 was very innovative, as it was the most powerful locomotive that JNR and JR group ever had (2.35 times more powerful than the EF65). Traction was inverter-controlled one, the latest at that time. However, it was excessively powerful and expensive, and required considerable amount of power. Thus, the EF200 was unsuccessful, and JR Freight introduced only 21 locos in total.

JR Freight used them mostly on Tokaido Main and San-yo Main Lines, though some freight trains also ran nearby lines such as Negishi Line. Class EF200 was powerful but the power output was restricted to that of the Class EF66. Due to the costs, unreliability and difficulty in maintenance, JR Freight withdrew all EF200 locos by 2019.

(Updated: 16 Jan 2022)

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